Bakhmaro is a very peculiar and unique resort. It is located in the Chokhatauri Municipality, in the Adjara-Guria mountain range, at an altitude of 2050 metres above sea level. Bakhmaro is located 52 kilometres from the centre of Chokhatauri. The Bakhmaro area is a kind of cave, surrounded by centuries-old spruce trees, beyond which the beautiful alpine zone begins.

To the east, the Bakhmaro overlooks the Lenchi range (2505 metres above sea level), which the locals call the Sunrise mountain and which is so admired because of its spectacular view.

To the south there are the peaks of Sakorni (2755 m) and Papara (2656 m).

To the south-west of Bakhmaro rises the ridge of Sakasria, a small peak of Bakhmaro, also known as the Sunset mountain (2250 m). From here, in good visibility conditions, the view of the sunset over the Black Sea is particularly impressive.

The resort area is open to the west, which facilitates the inflow of the sea breeze into the valley. This in turn contributes to the best combination of sea and mountain climates. In winter the snow cover is very high (4-5 m) and lasts up to 6 months. The Bakhmaro climate is an effective remedy for various diseases. It is worth noting that Bakhmaro hosts tourists also in winter.

 Almost all historical materials prove that Bakhmaro was discovered by the locals, namely by shepherds, who were the first to explore the way to pastures, and to Bakhmaro, which later became a permanent pasture and some time after that a resort and summer retreat.

According to Tedo Sakhokia, the famous Georgian writer, traveller and ethnographer, at the beginning of the 19th century shepherds, in particular Megrelian, arrived who grazed their cattle on pastures in the spring and used temporary tents as dwellings. Upon their return back home, they were telling stories about the places they had visited, the effects of the local climate on human health and the productivity of the cattle. This gave hope to the sick people who decided to follow the shepherds to pastures the next year.

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